Corsair’s H90 and H110 Hydro CPU Coolers Sport Beefier Radiators and Fans

Posted on January 17, 2013 2:40 PM by Rob Williams

It seems that Corsair didn’t get its fill of announcements at last week’s CES, as the company has just issued another. This time, it involves two new models in the company’s Hydro line of liquid CPU coolers; the H90 and H110. You may recall that in November, the company rolled-out its H80i and H100i coolers. Essentially, today’s H90 and H110 coolers follow-up by dropping Corsair Link capabilities and beefing up both the radiator and fan size.

First up, the H110. This cooler sports a double-length radiator (29mm thick) that supports dual-140mm fans (included). Thanks to the increase in size for both the rad and fans, Corsair specs the H110 with a noise-level of 35dBA, versus the H100i’s 37.68dBA.


The H90 sticks to a single-fan radiator size, but is still bumped to 140mm (27mm thick). This cooler is spec’d for the exact same sound levels as its H110 sibling, but cooling effectiveness will of course be decreased thanks to the standard size of the radiator.


Overall, sharp looking coolers, and a nice beefing-up of Corsair’s Hydro line-up. Both coolers are “immediately available”, and pricing settles in at $129.99 for the H110 and $99.99 for the H90. This is a bit strange, as the H110 is $10 more than the H100i, while the H90 is $10 less than the H80i. Premium at the high-end, but slight savings at the low-end.

  • Kayden

    That’s good to hear honestly. I just hope they improved the quality of these devices parts, I’ve heard from a few people after extended use that it breaks down easily.

  • xOptix78

    My wife has an original H80 and I’m using an original H100 without any problems. Another friend is using an original H60 as well and he’s doing fine too. I’m pretty sure that Rob is using one as well.

    There were quality problems at first, but it looks like they have been sorted out now.

    • Rob Williams

      I have three Hydro coolers in use as we speak (H60, H70 x 2) and have used another H60 and dual H50s in the past. I haven’t encountered a single issue. That’s not to say issues haven’t existed, I’ve just been fortunate to avoid them.

    • Kayden

      Oh awesome. The guy I talked to about it had one of the originals so I am glad to hear that honestly.

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