Crytek Confirms that Next Version of CRYENGINE Supports Linux, Demo to be Shown at GDC

Posted on March 11, 2014 12:00 PM by Rob Williams

If there’s just one thing Tux the penguin hates being asked, it’s the tired question, “Can you run Crysis?” But, thanks to an announcement made by Crytek today, in advance of next week’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, the expected answer of “No” will become a “Yes” in the future – assuming we’re talking about future titles, that is.

Crysis 3 Fields

What’s more, Crytek will even have a Linux demo on display at GDC, although it’s not mentioned if that demo will be of a game, or just the engine itself. We’d hope that it won’t take too long for some Crytek-powered Linux games to be announced, and we’d especially hope that the company will plan to make all of its future titles available for the platform. What would be even better? Crytek’s past games ported to the platform – though that might be a pipe dream.

In other Linux development news, Valve has posted the code¬†over at GitHub for the DirectX-to-OpenGL layer that it used for DOTA 2. This code comes “as is”, and can be used in other projects, to study, or to send back modifications to Valve. As simple as this code release might be, it’s moves like this that will greatly accelerate the growth of gaming on Linux.

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