Dell Releases Two New 4K Monitors, Teases Sub-$1000 28-inch Model Due Early 2014

Posted on December 2, 2013 4:31 PM by Rob Williams

4K monitors are intriguing for obvious reasons, but at the moment, we’re facing the same sort of issue as when SSDs first hit the scene: The prices are hard to stomach (for most of us). And, even if prices are reasonable, there are some serious gotchas that still make the purchase look unattractive.

Well, whether or not you actually have the cash to spend on a 4K display, or you’re wanting production to ramp up so prices can go down, you’re in luck, as Dell has recently ushered in two brand-new models and has teased a sub-$1000 model due for early 2014.

The flagship model is the UP3214Q, a 32-inch model that features high color reproduction (via Dell PremierColor), and ultra-wide 176-degree viewing angle. This model is available globally for an SRP of $3,499. For those not needing such a large display, there’s the UP2414Q, coming in at 24-inches with a 178-degree viewing angle. At the moment, this model is only available in the Americas, and it’s priced at $1,399.

P2815Q Monitor
Dell P2815Q Sub-$1000 4K Monitor

Then there’s the model shown above, the upcoming 28-inch P2815Q. Dell is keeping mum on specifics here, but like the above models, it’ll feature a full 4K resolution (3840×2160) and debut for “under $1,000″. It goes without saying that a model like this is going to grab the attention of many, so let’s hope that the rest of its specs add to its attractiveness.

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