EA Marks Down Nearly Entire Origin Catalogue for Black Friday

Posted on November 25, 2011 11:05 AM by Rob Williams

With Battlefield 3, EA has successfully managed to get millions of gamers to install its Origin game client on their PCs, so what better way to keep people around by offering some killer Black Friday deals on most titles in the entire catalogue? We’re talking Steam-like price-drops in some cases here. Don’t own Battlefield 3 yet? Now you can, for $29.99. Been wanting to pick up Batman: Arkham City? It’s here, for $24.99.

That doesn’t end the deals on newly-launched games, as Need for Speed: The Run has also had its price slashed – it sits at $19.99. For the record, this is a game that came out just one week ago. It’s received tepid reviews, however, so it’s a purchase probably best left for die-hard fans of the series (I am still mulling a purchase). 

In addition to those “big three”, most games throughout all of Origin have been marked down for today only, and in the event that a boxed copy can be chosen, its price will match the digital price – and to top it off, US purchasers will get free shipping. In addition, it’s not only PC games that are marked down, but also console, mobile and Web.

If you dislike Origin to the point where you would like to refuse using it, don’t check out the site today. There are bound to be some deals that are too hard to ignore.

Source: EA Origin

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