EA To Cease Madden 2009 PC Release

Posted on April 3, 2008 8:27 AM by Rob Williams

While not a sign of PC gaming as a whole, the news that EA is pulling Madden 2009 out of the PC is big news regardless. If I had to guess the reason, I would assume it to be that sport games on the PC tend to suck, and from my experience, the graphics, despite being on a fast computer, don’t compare to a console. It’s obvious where more development time goes. Let’s face it… even Need for Speed pales in comparison on the PC when compared to a console.

For those of you royally pissed, Peter Moore has some not-so-soothing words, “The PC presents some very serious business challenges to us in the sports category, particularly because so many of you all are playing your favorite sports games on the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii.”

Though not direct about an answer, the PC clearly sells far less copies of a game than the consoles do. I’d be willing to bet that even the Wii would sell more copies of a title than the PC would, but I could very well be jumping to the wrong conclusions. But, it has to be something if EA is to pull a series off a platform entirely, especially considering that they tend to release countless copies of their other games on all other platforms.

The news doesn’t seem to be sitting well with PC-only Madden players, who suggest that EA Sports “EAT A ***” though we’re not sure what that means. Another commenter asks “WFT Peter? NO PC??”, suggesting that Peter “needs grow some balls instead of hair!” which certainly gives us a lot to think about.

Source: Kotaku

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