End of an Era: Soccer Games Wrap-up PlayStation 2 Releases

Posted on September 30, 2013 1:34 PM by Rob Williams

Despite the fact that the PlayStation 3 has been available for seven years, not every Sony fan has been able to make the jump to it. As such, some developers have continued to support the classic console with newer releases, though most of them have been sports-related (a notable exception is the Japanese release of Final Fantasy XI‘s expansion Seekers of Adoulin).

Well, with the PlayStation 4’s release looming over our heads, the trickling-out of PS2 games is finally coming to an end – developer efforts can only go so far, after all, and especially in EA’s case, it already supports nine other consoles. We can only hope that with the PS4’s release, the PS3 will become even more affordable, getting into the hands of those who’ve so far been unable to upgrade to it from the PS2.

Behold, the final two official releases for the PlayStation 2:

FIFA 14 and PES 2014 PlayStation 2

Technically, EA’s title is the definitive “last”, as it came out a couple of days after PES 2014, but such details are minor – I’d consider both of these to be the last.

Not surprisingly, copies of the PS2 variants of these games aren’t exactly common, so if you want one, you’ll have to put some effort forth to track them down – this is especially true on the PES side. Your only real option will be importing, with FIFA 14 available on Amazon.co.uk, and PES 2014 found in other European retailers.

The PlayStation 2 sure had a good run, and remains one of Sony’s greatest achievements. While the big publishers are sure to stop publishing games for the PS2, there’s always the chance that smaller developers might continue to release games, as some still do to this day for the Sega Dreamcast and even the old-school NEO GEO MVS.

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