Enermax’s Ostrog GT Sets Out to be a ‘New Breed of Mid-Tower’

Posted on February 21, 2013 10:20 AM by J.D. Kane

It might have a goofy-sounding name, but Enermax’s revamped Ostrog GT promises to be a PC chassis that melds style with substance.

While the original Ostrog’s aesthetics were on the more austere side, the revised Ostrog GT is decidedly more aggressive. The facelift features a new mesh front panel and colored bezel (available in red and blue), as well as 32mm bulges on the side panels. The mesh front feeds two 140mm LED fans that pull air into the case and augments its cooling potential, while the bulges in the side panels create additional space for optimum cable management and improved compatibility with even the tallest tower-style heatsinks available.

Enermax Ostrog GT

But the Ostrog GT’s virtues go beyond just what your eyes can readily see. Unlike most cases in its price range (MSRP $74.99), it has eight expansion slots. It wasn’t that long ago that even range-topping cases had only seven expansion slots, so the addition of an eighth reflects Enermax’s intention for the Ostrog GT to be on serious PC gamers’ shopping lists.

Gamer-friendly features don’t stop there: The Ostrog GT can mount up to eight 3.5mm HDDs in two removable cages as well as two 2.5mm SSDs on their own mounting cage. Further adding to the chassis’ value are four USB ports mounted up top (two of which are the high-speed USB 3.0 variety). And don’t underestimate the appeal of tool-less ODD installation, implemented via Enermax’s patented SlideIn locker system.

The Ostrog GT’s name might elicit a wry smile or a snicker, but it’s got all the important bases covered. It’s got distinctive looks, practicality and versatility oozing out of every pore, and is an excellent value. Enermax looks like it might have a winner with the Ostrog GT.

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