Ergotech Freedom Quad 1-over-3 Desk Stand Review

Posted on March 18, 2014 1:00 AM by Techgage Staff

A monitor stand might sound like a simple product, but if you happen to pick one up that’s built poorly, you’re going to quickly regret it. This is especially true with stands that support multiple monitors – some are simply built better, and designed better. With Ergotech’s Freedom Quad Desk in the lab, let’s see what it’s made of.

Ergotech Freedom Quad Desk Stand Review

After embarking on a Web search to find the “perfect” product of a certain type, you’re bound to stumble on the same names over and over again – hopefully for positive reasons. Where monitor stands and mounts are concerned, it’ll be Ergotech’s name to pop-up often, and yes, it’s for positive reasons.

Over the course of its existence, Ergotech’s earned a reputation for building some of the best monitor stands and mounts out there – especially true where gaming’s concerned. It’s for that reason that I sought Ergotech out when I needed to replace the stand on our graphics card benchmarking PC. Well, that and the fact that our very own Brandon Mietzner owns the exact same model I’m looking at here – he swears by it.

Ergotech offers a number of stands suitable for gaming, all of which include swivel bars to allow the end monitors to remain flat like the center one, or turn in on an angle. The D16-B03 “Freedom Triple Desk” is the most popular Ergotech stand for gamers; it’s a 3×1 solution that supports up to 24-inch displays. The D28-B13 “Freedom Quad Desk” – the focus of this review – is similar in design, but adds support for a fourth top-mounted monitor.

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