EVGA Proves that SLI Bridges Don’t Need to Look Boring, with its ‘Pro’ Series Bridges

Posted on August 13, 2013 10:10 AM by Rob Williams

AMD’s CrossFire and NVIDIA’s SLI multi-GPU technologies have been around for a while, but after all these years, no company has taken to the challenge of making their bridges look less… well, boring. We’ve seen some prettied-up at trade and gaming shows, but usually it comes courtesy of a modder, and they’re never for sale. So, it’s with piqued interest that I looked into an email from EVGA that talked about its “Pro SLI Bridges“.

EVGA SLI Pro Bridges

EVGA’s Pro SLI Bridges won’t improve performance, but they will look a whole lot cooler in your rig than a standard SLI bridge, and if that sounds like it’d be worth $30 to you (each size costs the same), then this should be right up your alley. Simply by looking at these bridges, they look to be very sturdy in comparison to the bridges that ship with motherboards and graphics cards.

If you’re rocking a GTX 700 series or TITAN, you’ll get the added benefit of an EVGA logo that lights up when in operation (not possible on the older cards as this was a special NVIDIA tweak).

Want to try your luck at winning one of these Pro bridges? Head over to here, fill out the form, and then wait to see if you’ve won (EVGA account required).

Now let’s see if some company can tackle this on the AMD side.

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