EVGA’s Swivel Dual Monitor to be Released Soon

Posted on June 2, 2009 11:02 AM by Rob Williams

As I found out first-hand this past CES, EVGA is very interested in branching out to cater to markets other than PC gamers, and that was obvious with the launch of their PCoIP. That product allows you to literally place your beastly machine somewhere far from where you plan to sit your monitor, and you can still use it via your home network. The product is currently very expensive, but it’s certainly going to please anyone who picks one up (imagine playing your high-end games but  have no computer in front of you… pure silence).

At Computex, the company was showing off something that they originally had on display at CES 2008. I’m not quite sure of the name, but it gives new meaning to “dual display”. Two modestly-sized monitors are placed side by side, and swivel to your liking – you can even turn one over completely. If you go that route, the picture will automatically flip to orient itself properly.

The purpose for the product is likely very specific, although for gamers, there’s little doubt some titles could support the unique displays if someone, or some developer decided to design something. EVGA’s primary audience in mind is business folk, especially those in the financial sector – one where it’s not at all rare to have 6 displays at your desk.

It may seem a bit odd, but this product will actually cost less than the PCoIP product mentioned above. At $649, it’s still going to be sold only to those with a specific reason for a purchase, although I’m very interested to see just where it will go upon release. The resolution (1440×900) will be another limiting factor at the moment for some, but EVGA stated that larger models are being considered, and whether they come to fruition will likely depend on how well these initial units sell. The current model should become available within the next month.


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