Feeling Lonely? Trilobyte Games Announces The 7th Guest 3: The Collector

Posted on October 31, 2013 12:42 PM by Rob Williams

Where the earliest CD-ROM based games are concerned, Cyan’s Myst is often cited as the highlight. Around our house, though, Myst couldn’t keep our attention; instead, our minds belonged to Trilobyte’s The 7th Guest. It offered an interesting environment to traverse – almost making it feel like we were inside of a movie – and the puzzles, challenging (almost nonsensically so, at times). And of course, there are some humorous one liners, such as “Feeeeling loooonely?“, and “How does it feel to be the first living creature to set foot in this dungeon?

The 11th Hour followed-up to Triobyte’s original a couple of years later, and since then, the market has been relatively void of titles that adhered to its style, with Sierra’s Shivers coming close – but that was also released way back in 1995.

The 7th Guest 3 Ingame

Little did some of us realize, T7G and T11thH were part of a trilogy, and today, Trilobyte has announced that the third chapter is in production, titled “The 7th Guest 3: The Collector“.

The premise of the game is a re-entry into the haunted Stauf mansion, where at least 20 puzzles will need to be solved to complete the story, and I’m sure there will be many recognizable sights to take in.

Imagine The 7th Guest and 11th Hour gloriously outfitted with the latest in game tech capabilities. While the gameplay of T7G3 will fairly closely follow that of The 7th Guest and 11th Hour, Trilobyte will thoroughly leverage touch-screen, mobile technology, and modern standards in video-game presentation to bring you the 7th Guest of your fondest dreams (and nightmares)!

The 7th Guest 3 Logo

One must hope that one of these modern enhancements will be sped-up gameplay, as even playing the originals today can be really tedious. Back in 1993, load times were just expected; today, clicking to move somewhere and having it complete 10 seconds later isn’t in everyone’s definition of fun.

Like many other games from smaller studios, Trilobyte is heading to Kickstarter to help get the game funded, so if you are a fan of the original title, definitely check it out. As of the time of writing, the project sits at $10K out of a required $435K, so here’s to hoping things will accelerate soon. This is a game that has to get made.

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