For a Limited Time, Adobe Drops its Photoshop CC Subscription Pricing to $10/mo – Is it a Sign?

Posted on September 5, 2013 11:30 AM by Rob Williams

This past summer, Adobe did something that most people couldn’t believe: It went online-only. Well, mostly. While certain apps, such as Lightroom, would remain as stand-alone versions, the heart and soul of the company’s portfolio took to the clouds. For those who’ve always enjoyed the luxury of being able to upgrade on their terms, and the most efficient way for them, this was a problem. I’m not sure about most people, but I actually try to shy away from subscription services. They add up too damned quickly.

Up to this point, Adobe hasn’t been too vocal about CC’s overall success, but its latest move does make us curious about things. On its official blog, the company announced a very attractive deal that will last only up until the end of the year. Effectively, you’ll be getting a subscription to Photoshop CC at half the original advertised price, and access to the latest edition of Lightroom. Further, you’ll earn a Behance portfolio and 20GB of online storage.

Adobe Lightroom CC Limited-time Offer

Admittedly, this is one hell of a deal. Remember, a retail version of Photoshop used to cost $600. While $20/mo seemed a bit much at CC launch, $10/mo is much easier to stomach. And unlike some of the company’s other promotions in the past, this pricing lasts until you decide to unsubscribe – no change after the first year.

This begs the question: Does this prove that CC, Creative Cloud, has been a relative failure so far? I don’t think it’d be safe to say that, but the fact of the matter is, Adobe was confident with its $20/mo single-app pricing, and only a few months later, it’s halved it. It’s actually such great pricing, that if my Creative Suite multi-app license was eligible for upgrading to PS CC on this deal, I’d be heavily considering it. Alas, the upgrade pricing is exclusive to those who own stand-alone copies of Photoshop CS3~CS6.

What do you think? Is this the beginning of some major changes in store for Adobe? Could you see the company backtracking on its cloud-only initiative to appease its customers? One thing’s for sure – Adobe has already, and unfortunately, pissed-off a good chunk of its consumer-base, so one must wonder if the execs there didn’t quite think this one through.

Or, I could just be jumping to conclusions like I sometimes have the knack of doing.

  • Kougar

    That pricing is a lot more palatable…. would be 5 years before reaching that $600 price tag. For those that use both programs already or must have the latest version of Photoshop it’d be a good deal

    Pretty sure they are simply testing the waters to see how price sensitive the demand actually is. I doubt the new price will stick unless it sees overwhelming demand though.

    • Rob Williams

      I’ll be interested to see the success here, because it’s beyond compelling if you use PS in a good capacity already. I’m still of the belief that $50 a month for the kit and kaboodle is way too much given no one is going to make use of more than just a couple of apps.

  • LA Stone

    The big problem is that if you can no longer afford to pay monthly, or decide to stop paying, you lose not only the software, but also whatever you’ve created with the software. For that reason, I can’t be tempted to go along with Adobe CC at any price. The more you create with Adobe CC, the deeper the trap. The best choice for me is to not take the first step.

    • Kougar

      In what way, out of curiosity? GIMP has had the ability to open and edit PSD files for some time.

      • LA Stone

        Only Photoshop can open and edit files with complex things like layer styles. Gimp doesn’t do channels. PhotoPaint partially understands Photoshop channels but probably nothing else. All the above goes for all Adobe programs. Without Illustrator your files are hostage. Adobe says they agree there needs to be a solution but so far, nothing. They didn’t think of that until people started talking about.

    • Rob Williams

      Good point, I hadn’t thought of that. Even if other programs support PSD, they’re not going to handle them ideally. Just edit a docx in LibreOffice to see what I mean…

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