Futuremark Updates iOS 3DMark to Support 64-bit CPUs

Posted on December 3, 2013 2:42 PM by Rob Williams

When Apple unveiled its iPhone 5S, it introduced something the smartphone market should have adopted long ago: A 64-bit CPU. While true 64-bit mobile software is going to be rare at this point in time, the seed’s been planted, so that will change over time. We’re already seeing a number of 64-bit Android phones en route, and soon enough, it should become a common sight for mainstream and higher phones, and eventually standard as it is on our desktops and notebooks.

Futuremark 3DMark Android 01

While 64-bit software is lacking, Futuremark is helping to remedy that, with 64-bit support in its 3DMark mobile benchmarking suite. Being that Apple is the only company at the moment with 64-bit devices on the market, that’s where all of the support goes. Futuremark notes that a minor increase in score will be seen as a result (which is what we’d expect).

With another update to the suite last week, Futuremark began ousting suspected cheats from its official listings, which at that point involved Samsung’s Galaxy Note III and 10.1 along with HTC’s One and One Mini. Now, HP’s Slatebook 10 x2 has been added to the list. Across all of the delisted devices, there’s no common theme between them SoC-wise, so the actual reasons for their delisting remains up-in-the-air.

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