G.SKILL Touts 16GB 2133MHz SODIMM Memory Kit, Validated in GIGABYTE’s BRIX Pro

Posted on March 10, 2014 10:30 AM by Rob Williams

It appears that I’ve been a little bit out of the loop, as I had no idea that SODIMM memory above DDR3-1600 speeds had existed. Instead, there’s already quite a number of DDR3-1866 kits available, and as this post suggests, DDR3-2133 exists, too. We’re not talking fast kits that lack in density, either – no, this particular Ripjaw kit packs 8GB on each DIMM.


Typically, everything about “mobile” RAM is weakened when compared to desktop variants, but surprisingly enough, the 11-11-11-31 timings this Ripjaw kit is spec’d at basically matches the majority of 2133MHz desktop sticks on the market (though CAS 9 sticks are easy to come by). As is standard of mobile DDR3, this kit operates at 1.35V.

As mentioned in the title, G.SKILL used GIGABYTE’s BRIX Pro as the validation platform, and given it uses desktop-esque hardware but packs it into a super-small frame, we can understand why. Because most notebooks have an absolute lack of flexibility regarding memory settings, I wouldn’t recommend considering a kit like this expecting it to suddenly work at its full speed. However, for that small form-factor build, this is an attractive option.


G.SKILL hasn’t revealed pricing, but surprisingly enough, it’s not the first one out the door with such a kit. Corsair released a Vengeance kit at some point which matches the specs to a T (the difference is with tRAS (27) alone, which is to say “nothing”). That kit retails for about $200, so we’d expect that G.SKILL’s will be priced around the same.

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