GELID Releases Rev. 2 GX-7 CPU Cooler, Features Stacked Heatpipes

Posted on May 21, 2013 9:40 AM by Ryan Perry

GELID Solutions, a company long known for it’s aftermarket GPU coolers, fans, and other cooling related bits and pieces, has announced the release of its Rev. 2 GX-7 CPU cooler. Like the original GX-7, this 159mm tall tower-style cooler has 7 nickel plated heatpipes, two of which are stacked on top of the first row of 5, closest to the CPU. The designers believe that this setup will help to transfer more heat to all of the heatpipes since they’re centered over where most heat is generated.

Rev. 2 GX-7 CPU Cooler 01

All of the heatpipes run through a copper block and up into a V-shaped aluminum fin array. Active cooling is provided by a 120mm Slim 12 PL fan with translucent blue blades, blue LEDS, a hydro dynamic bearing and PWM control. GELID has this fan pushing up to 89.1 CFM of air at a maximum speed of 1600 RPM while making 25.4 dBA of noise.

Rev. 2 GX-7 CPU Cooler 02

GELID has also thrown in some of its own GC-Extreme thermal compound along with a 3 year warranty. Socket support comes in many flavours starting with AMD AM2 and up, and Intel LGA775 and up, although a separate mounting clip for LGA2011 will need to be purchased.

So far, there hasn’t been any sign of this cooler at the major North American online retailers, but the suggested retail price listed on the product page shows it coming in at about $65 US.

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