Gigabyte’s GM-M7800S Mouse Brings Luxury to Your Palm

Posted on June 2, 2009 4:20 AM by Rob Williams

Luxury means a lot of things to a lot of people. Fast cars, huge houses, sparkly jewels, complex timepieces, and so forth. With the growing trend of technology falling into the hands of those who never once cared about it, companies are pushing products in such a way that they not only work well, but become a fashion statement.

This was Gigabyte’s thought when designing the GM-M7800S wireless mouse, an option for those who like to be noticed, or at least want their entire PC setup to look exquisite. The mouse size isn’t as large as a regular desktop mouse, but it’s much larger than a notebook offering, and also features similar design to Gigabyte’s other desktop mice already released.

What makes the mouse special is the fact that it’s comprised of both leather and soft plastic, not to mention 18K gold accents and Swarovski crystal elements. Yes, seriously. I never thought I’d see a mouse with mention of Swarovski on the box, but here it is. Surprisingly, the mouse’s price is only going to hover around $80 USD, and to add to the exclusivity, only 10,000 will be built.


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