Giveaway: NVIDIA and Techgage Hack Ubisoft – Free Copy of Watch Dogs

Posted on May 28, 2014 9:15 AM by Techgage Staff

UPDATE: The winners have been chosen! The lucky folks are:

  • Piotr Leoniuk
  • Enhe Ulam
  • Federico Huerta
  • Mitchell Estrada
  • Gorjan

Big grats to you five!

If you didn’t win, don’t fret. We’re going to be holding more regular contests, including another one like this one in a couple of weeks where we’ll be giving away a handful of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag copies. Stay tuned!

Ubisoft Montreal’s latest open-world blockbuster is here, and realizing that not everyone wants to hack a passerby to procure a copy, NVIDIA and Techgage have teamed up to create an easier solution for five lucky people.

Watch Dogs

Entering is simple: Give both NVIDIA and Techgage a “Like” on Facebook, and then comment here to let us know that you did. Don’t use Facebook? You’re free to use Google+ or Twitter instead. After following, post here and tell us where you followed us, and you’re entered!

Other social networks:

Because Watch Dogs has just come out of the digital oven, and hype is high, we’re only running this giveaway until this coming Friday evening. Hopefully that will give our five lucky winners enough time to download the game and spend their weekends causing mischief in Watch Dogs‘ digital world.

Good luck to those who enter!

For further reading, check out our post on NVIDIA’s latest GeForce driver and NVIDIA’s own page on all of what to expect graphics-wise from the game.

Note: Each of the five winners will receive a code redeemable through Ubisoft’s Uplay client, so an account there will be required to play. Our families were not harmed in the making of this contest.

  • Baneinsane

    Followed/liked on all just to be sure =x. Jonny Hernandez
    Thanks for the chance!

  • Jean-François Gionet

    Already was liking those pages, does it count? Let’s pretend I wasn’t and that I just re-liked them.

  • The Focus Elf

    Of course @TheFocusElf on twitter follows NVIDIA and Techgage (Facebook too!) but I won’t expect double entries…. :) Looks like a fun game, and it also looks like my 7970 will do alright as long as I don’t push it into 2560 res.

  • Piotr Leoniuk

    Liked both NVIDIA and Techgage (like i already had ;D) on facebook ;) good luck to all ;)

    • Rob Williams

      I’ll be sending an email to you shortly, so please let me know if you don’t receive it!

      • Piotr Leoniuk

        I did receive it ;) thank you very much!!

  • Jake Walton

    I have liked both of them on Facebook. I would absolutely love to win! :D

  • Robby C.

    Just liked the pages on Facebook. Watch Dogs is <3

  • Francesco Narciso

    Liked, and ready to win!

  • Francesco Narciso

    Liked, and ready to win!

  • Raj

    Liked and followed

  • Luigi Savinelli

    Liked the facebook pages and here’s my application! Love the game

    Good luck everyone!

  • Daniel Dykowytsch

    Liked Techgage (already had one for NVidia), and am crossing my fingers now! Very excited about this opportunity. Thanks, Techgage, and good luck all!

  • slugbug55

    Like and follow all pages

  • Michał Jaszczuk

    Plus Goggle+

  • Elliot Hathaway

    Liked both!

  • Jordan Young

    Hey guys just followed both, fingers crossed now. Thanks.

  • SpecialForces Greengo

    Just followed you guys!

  • farseer99

    Already like both pages

  • Bill

    Just liked both pages on facebook :)

  • Firman Hidayat

    liked both!

  • Edmund Szeto

    Liked both :)

  • Jeremy Earl

    Liked both, but love Nvidia :)

  • Wai Yan Kaung

    liked both!

  • Nelson

    liked both :D

  • Andrew Krahforst-Lan

    Liked Both Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus pages.

  • Khushang Bhanushali

    liked Both on Facebook :)

  • Simon

    liked both :)

  • Mike

    Liked and followed both on google+ and facebook

  • Ryan Korn

    liked both on facebook

  • EvilIguana343

    I liked both on google+

  • Ellliot

    followed them both on google+

  • Waheed Nawaz

    Following on G+ :)

  • Anthony Castro

    Liked both on Facebook. Thank you!

  • Anthony Castro

    Liked both on Facebook. Thank you!

  • M. H.

    Following Techgage and NVIDIA on Twitter! Good luck all, super excited as can’t afford to pick it up at launch and really looking forward to it :).

  • Jake

    Liked both on Facebook, Loved the opportunity irl :)

  • cocchino

    Like both on Facebook. Would love to win a copy of this.

  • Steve

    Done! Liked both on Facebook.

  • German Lopez

    Done and done. Good luck yall.

  • Natasha Pollard

    All set! Thanks guys!!!:)

  • Amairiliz Lind

    Both in Facebook :)

  • Tilen Marš

    Done on google +

  • Brent Slater

    Liked both on facebook!

  • Doris Gardner

    liked both

  • Saša Sale Đorđević


  • Scott Chavez

    Done on Facebook

  • Kroken Qwarf

    K. Both on facebook. Plz, make me happy

  • kinsie21

    Liked both on facebook.

  • DJ Dwarf

    Done on google+

  • Alexandra Compton

    Liked on Facebook, followed both pages

  • Fatal Paradise

    Followed on twitter ;) Hope to win this amazing game and thanks for holding this giveaway. Awesome

  • Gorjan

    Liked on Facebok, followed both pages

    • Rob Williams

      Please check your email shortly!

  • coyotezeye

    Liked both FB Pages :) Thanks would love to win a copy.

  • Ken Press


  • DeanAmbroseIsLife
  • Shawn Stover

    liked both pages

  • Marx Lenin Carbajal Alegre

    Done it. Facebook.

  • Marx Lenin Carbajal Alegre

    Done it. Twitter.

  • Claudiu Gardelli

    Done it. Twitter.

  • Ryan Colaiacovo

    Liked both on Facebook!

  • Watdaf

    Liked and followed on FB

  • Chad Westcott

    Liked both on FB

  • Veniak04

    Liked, followed and waiting for luck

  • Mithusan Muthulingam

    Liked both on Facebook!

  • Chakith Kumar

    liked both pages on facebook and followed on google+ and twitter :)

  • Christal Mormann

    I have liked both on Facebook!

  • Jonathon Squires

    I already like NVidia but liked the other too.

  • Jessica Crouch

    I already like you on facebook :)

  • yayhoon

    I liked NVIDIA and Techgage on Facebook

  • Max Poole

    I followed both on Google +

  • mafiadx83

    I have follow both on twitter

  • Trevor Alcove

    I followed you on Twitter AND Facebook. Beat that. ;)


  • JayLA

    i followed both on twitter

  • Jasen_H

    Liked both on facebook

  • Mitchell Estrada

    liked on FB

    • Rob Williams

      An email will be en route soon.

  • Ginny Sukhija


  • alexpb1

    Thanks. I have liked both on FB!

  • Tom_J

    I followed them on twitter

  • David Garner

    Cheers! Liked both on facebook.

  • Eddward Auru

    Liked both on facebook. I would like ps3 version plz I am very poor.
    And god bless you.

  • Audrey H.

    Liked both on facebook. Mentioned this to my kids and they were all what, what lol :)

  • Myth Freeman

    Liked on google+.I would like a PC one plz if could.

  • Fane Babanu

    I like them both I really do ! LIKED

  • Toad

    Liked both on facebook.

  • Angelo Santiago

    liked on facebook hope i win

  • Mike D


  • David Gilchrist

    Liked you on Facebook and Twitter! I like Winning, too!

  • Khusley

    Liked on Facebook! Hope i’m gonna win!

  • Aaron D

    Liked on both facebook pages.

  • Adrian Mitchell


  • Avengence

    Liked both on facebook

  • Ganja

    like both pages on facebook

  • oasis789

    Followed both on Twitter! @oasis789

  • Sylvia Canto

    LIKED both pages.. Good luck to all of us..:)

  • Federico Huerta

    Liked both pages on Facebook. Following nvidia and Techgage on Google+ and Twitter. :D

    • Rob Williams

      Consider an email en route. Please let me know if it doesn’t arrive.

  • Maggie Cheung

    liked both FB pages

  • xOptix78

    Entered! Wait…crap!

  • Tanner Little

    I liked both pages on Facebook! Super pumped to play this game by the way!

  • Archiii

    like in both pages , i really want watch dogs :>

  • Steven Lundberg

    Liked both pages for quite awhile, haven’t entered much at all. but here’s hoping.

  • David Boo Corral

    Liked both pages, I need this game!! <3 Thank you

  • Jordan Goodwin-Madden

    Liked both Facebook pages and here’s my comment :)

  • batye1

    Liked both Facebook pages and here’s my comment :) :)

  • Carol Moore

    Thanks for the giveaway. I like both Facebook pages.

  • Steven

    Liked both pages on Facebook

  • cappytweet

    FB fan / like both. My FB profile:

  • Kelli A

    Liked both on Facebook and following both on Twitter.

  • Other Guy

    i be liking

  • Roshan Patel

    I liked both pages of Facebook and in this age of digital security I believe the truth must be revealed. Watchdogs is the ultimate hacker game and I need to have it! I will hack you if I don’t win!!!

  • Stephanie Lord

    Liked both on Facebook! Thanks for the opportunity! =)

  • Mary Vantil

    liked both pages on facebook Thanks for the chance!

  • Deborah Ribak

    Had already Liked NVIDIA on Facebook… but have now also Liked Techgage. Awesome giveaway! Thanks!!

  • Manon Vastine

    Liked! Awesome giveaway.

  • TheBorg

    done !

  • Гантогтох Б.

    Liked both pages. Everything done!. I really want watch dogs. Thanks for giveaway

  • Jo-Anne Pfoh

    nice and thanks for the chance liked and followed all media

  • William

    Commenting here to let you know i did.

  • Rich D

    thank you, liked both pages

  • Ганзориг

    I liked both pages

  • William Chang

    Liked both FB pages

  • Adinda Bunga Mentari

    i liked both pages on facebook, google+ both pages, and followed both pages on twitter :D

  • Lauren Ashley Justice

    Followed/liked on facebook! :D thanks for the giveaway! <3

  • Sarah Mitchell

    Liked both of them :)

  • Anshul Sood

    Liked on facebook. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  • David

    Followed on Twitter

  • Ron Ablang

    I like both on Facebook.

  • damien crawley

    Done liked both pages.

  • Laura Bailey

    Liked both pages! :)

  • Kevin Kevins

    Followed both Twitter pages. Thanks!

  • Enhe Ulam

    liked both pages!!!

    • Rob Williams

      Please check your email shortly.

  • khuslen

    liked both pages :))

  • Shurikan117

    Following both facebook pages! :)

    *Edit – Following the google + pages and on twitter as well! Look for Shurikan117 or my profile pic as shown on my discus profile. :P

  • Gaflibawik

    Followed both on G+
    Hacking things look and sounds fun >::D

  • Bruno Budimlić-Krnić

    Done on facebook

  • weirdkindofawesome

    Liked both pages, @pervtweet . Good luck to all of us :D

  • Б. Тэлмэн


  • Ankhtur

    I already liked both of them :)

  • Jennie Moore

    Liked both. I’d love to play!

  • Baterdene Uuganbayar

    liked both i want it

  • Тамир Бэрцэцэг

    liked both

  • Sarah C

    I’m following both on Twitter. Have a great day!

  • Randelz

    Done on twitter

  • Mike – KnightRid

    Liked on Facebook and followed on Twitter too :)

  • Ankhaa

    like both

  • Kim Lardizibal

    Just followed you guys on Twitter and Facebook. I want Watchdogs

  • El_guaton_salinas


  • Ryan Campbell

    Liked both on FB

  • Vibin Gerrard Thomas

    i liked :3 can i has ?

  • Ibnu Fajar

    Yep , Liked it

  • rishabh singh

    liked both pages on google+ as well as facebook (^-^)

  • carstorm

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  • Adam Siek

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  • Mert

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  • James Doyle

    Thx liked both pages :)

  • Cicutox

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  • Yogesh Sharma

    Liked on google+ want this great game
    cant afford

  • King Sosa

    I liked both pages on facebook i really want this game because i can’t afford it

  • Jasmin Prewitt

    Liked both pages

  • RuinerX

    Like both pages on Facebook!

  • Jonathon

    Liked and want, please

  • Rafał Świerczyński

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  • Jonathan

    Liked. Awesome.

  • Joe

    I would love a copy of Watch Dogs! I Liked both pages.


  • Tyler Furness

    Liked both pages. I’ve been dieing to play this game!

  • Alexander

    I followed both on Twitter, thanks for the giveaway ^^

  • micz3k

    I follow you on twitter. It would be great…

  • Juanfro

    Twitter is my choice. Good luck!!

  • Juanfro

    Twitter is my choice. Good luck!!

  • rasmus

    I liked Both on facebook
    Good luck everyone

  • Karl

    I followed everything.

  • mark j

    i followed nvidia and techgage on facebook hope i win :p

  • Brad

    liked both on facebook

  • Michael Hurt

    I followed all, thanks for this!

  • zacharyt1122

    Liked of FB. Been a long time fan and I had to be tempted with a contest to like TG on FB. Shame on me…

  • Dave K

    Liked on both FB pages

  • davidpoketrainer

    Liked both pages on FB. Thanks for the contest.

  • Simona Draksaite

    I liked both on facebook :)


    I liked the pages and followed on twitter

  • kemar

    pick me

  • Twisty Jingletokes

    I liked both the pages on facebook

  • Mike Haj

    Done! I followed both of the pages on Facebook! :) Thanks for hosting this give-away and giving us a chance to win this kick ass game! ^.^

  • JP Mosquera

    I liked the pages and followed on G+ and Twitter

    Facebook: jpmosquera
    G+: JPMosquera
    Twitter: therealjpmm

  • Kooper08

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  • Rexapoda

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  • Rafael

    I have followed hope it is not to late

  • brian blake

    Im a huge fan of Ubisoft and would love to win this game. I liked both pages on facebook

  • Alcyonestus

    I liked both pages, and although it might not help I’m following both on Google+, so i guess that now I wait. Though I would be overjoyed if it was me, good luck everybody.

  • Brumbek

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    Thanks for the contest.

  • Grant Peters

    I have liked both pages on Facebook. Thanks so much for this giveaway!

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