GOG.com Wants to Sell You Three Games for $5, Then Donate That $5 to Charity

Posted on November 5, 2013 7:00 PM by Ryan Perry

Let’s start off with some math, shall we? Cheap games + your butt in front of a monitor = helping others. If that does not compute, you should head on over to GOG.com for a lesson, sucka!

GOG Charity Promotion 

GOG currently has a promotion running where you pick 3 or more games, pay $5 or more, and all of the money goes to Gaming for Good, the World Wildlife Fund, or World Builders. 

The list of eligible games is short, consisting of Darwinia, FTL, Waking Mars, Oddworld Oddysee, and six others, but how can you beat even 3 games for $5? You can’t. 

Head on over, help change some lives, and get your game on – but only until November 12th!

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