Google Purges 60,000 Apps from Play Store to Help Keep Things Clean

Posted on April 9, 2013 9:00 AM by Rob Williams

In its continuing effort to keep its Play Store clean, Google purged a staggering 60,000 “low-quality” apps this past February. If you’re an Android user, you can probably understand why this is a very good move, although quite frankly, I have doubts that Google will ever go the distance I’d like it to. The fact is, the Play Store is littered with a ton of apps that serve little purpose, and simply look spammy. Even the sheer number of apps that act as simple URL launchers is quite high (based on what I’ve personally found).

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Still – to give credit where it’s due, it is nice to see Google making an effort to keep its store clean, and not going the hardcore route like Apple and deleting an app just because it does something better than it does. Of the apps, though, the majority of them seem to be ringtone/MP3 related – apps that rarely instill much confidence from a security / spam standpoint.

With this purging, it’s clear that Google doesn’t care too much about catching up to Apple in app-count for the sake of bragging. 60K apps is 8.5% of Google’s entire Play Store catalog, so to call it a sliver would be a gross understatement. Currently, the Play Store houses 700,000 apps, whereas Apple sits comfortably (somewhat) in first with 800,000.

  • e550mercedes

    I remember all of the hoots-and-howls that people made when ever Apple removed apps in their App Store. When Apple did it, they were just being evil bastards who cut off people’s choice, but when Google does the exact same thing, people hypocritically say that it is all good.

    • Rob Williams

      Google’s purging apps because they’re useless. Apple purges apps because it competes with its business.

      • e550mercedes

        Your kidding, right? Apple bans apps that compete with its own, but Google doesn’t? Actually, Google does the exact same thing. Recently it banned ad-blocking apps from its Play store because they where blocking Google’s OWN ADS!

        Google also recently blocked iTunes, saying that it was a mistake, but I don’t buy that for a split-second:

        Google has longed pushed its own apps, by discouraging others products and services that compete with its own. Not only has Google been under anti-trust investigation for some time now, but the U.E. has agreed, based on evidence from its competitors, to enter into a newer anti-trust investigation for doing exactly what you said they don’t do… block apps and services that compete with its own!

        Have you forgotten how Google threatened Acer and others , or how they forced other to stop using its competitor, SkyHook, or be forced out of using Android altogether?

        From the above link, I quote:

        “The second major chilling effect came this week. Acer was going to announce it was working with Alibaba to produce a phone using Alibaba’s Aliyun operating system. Then the press event was abruptly canceled.

        Why? Acer is part of the Open Handset Alliance, and in short, it should only be working on “real” Android rather than “fake” Android. If it wanted to go the fake route, it would have to leave the OHA and give up benefits that come with that, including close ties with Google.”

        Stopping, or threaten Acer because it wanted to work on another fork of Android is just evil, and what they did regarding SkyHook is enough to make anyone sick to their stomach, so I don’t understand your simplistic answer in the least.

        • Rob Williams

          You sure are dedicated.

        • Stetson

          I wonder how many links of stories like this I could find for Apple?

          • e550mercedes

            These links are NOT about Apple; if you READ them you would know they are all about how Google blocks and stymies apps and services that are in direct competition with its own.

          • Rob Williams

            He didn’t say they’re about Apple. He said he could go and find a bunch that -were- about Apple in order to continue the debate.

            Honestly, you two can both battle something fierce, so I am thinking we should setup a pay-per-view match or something.

          • madmatTG

            Because you just can’t install apps from outside sources on android… oh wait, yes you can. Oh snap!

          • e550mercedes

            My point was that Google does what Rob says they don’t do… block and remove apps that compete with its own, so why do you try and change the subject? Does Google thwart its competitors or not? Or is that something that only Apple allegedly does?

          • madmatTG

            You’re painting them as being the same as Apple but until they lock their OS down tight and stop the users from rooting it, installing apps from anywhere but a Google run store and every other conceivable thing, they’re nothing like Apple despite what their detractors would like to say.

          • e550mercedes

            Apple isn’t facing anti-trust probe by the E.U. for pushing its services at the expense of its competitors as is the case with Google. The question isn’t about Apple’s OS, it is about whether or not Google unfairly banning, or handicapping its competitors to promote its own services? The links I provided earlier contain the answer and your trying to change the subject doesn’t change the question one iota.


          • Stetson

            I said: I wonder how many stories like this (pronoun for your stories: the ones you linked about google) I could find about Apple.
            Like as simile:

            When comparing one thing to another that is similar in nature.

            Defensive much? Or just a fainboi of Apple getting his shots in when you can?

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