Google Rumored to be Developing Internet-connected Smart Thermostat

Posted on December 17, 2013 10:00 AM by Rob Williams

As I sit here, wearing my hoodie and listening to snow plows outside, I can’t help but think that Google’s current in-the-works venture is a smart one. In 2011, the company tested the waters of Internet-accessed power stats for the home, but it was scrapped once it failed to gain any traction. With the recent surge of interest in solutions from Nest and Honeywell, though, Google no doubt believes that things can change with its follow-up.

Nest Thermostat

Called “PowerMeter”, Google’s solution would consist of special thermostats – just like Nest – that once in action, could be accessed via the Internet. Further, there’s little doubt that they could be configured to be as power-efficient as possible – something oh-so-important in these months when power bills tend to skyrocket.

Google’s PowerMeter might be a little ways off, and there’s no telling if it’s even going to be a consumer product, but, it has supposedly been tested outside of Google, so we’d hope that the product would come to fruition. With a booming market like this, competition is going to be welcomed.

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