Google to Shutter Reader on July 1st

Posted on March 14, 2013 9:15 AM by Rob Williams

It’s not uncommon for large companies like Google, Yahoo! or Microsoft to shut down certain services that are not delivering the return-of-investment that they require, but never does such a closure affect me directly. But with the forth-coming closure of Google Reader, I can no longer claim that.

While still a popular option for many, Reader has seen declined usage, and with Google’s other products, such as G+ and Currents, it’s no doubt become redundant from a business standpoint. Still, it’s unfortunate for those who liked Reader due to its simplicity and speed – two key reasons I’ve stuck with it for so long even after testing a variety of other options.

Google Reader Android

For those using Reader who would like to download all of their data, it can be done through Google Takeout. If all you want is to export your feed, you can do that from within Google Reader’s settings page.

With this closure, many competitors have been welcoming soon-to-be-former Google Reader fans with open arms. A super-popular option being thrown around is Feedly, an option I’m seriously considering as it has the ability to sync between devices (many popular Web-based RSS readers don’t support Android).

If you’re a Google Reader user, where do you think you’ll wind up?

  • Marfig

    I’d like to say something on its obituary.

    “I knew Google Reader briefly. He was a good friend for a while. Until I got to know him better. Google Reader changed faces so many times, I sort of lost interest in it. We like our friends to remain recognizable, you know. Don’t change much, we usually say. We like you the way you are.

    It also decided at some point to become a facade for Google+, a service I couldn’t care any less if it had been presented to me shrouded in highly radioactive dog poo.

    So Google Reader, I see your passing as inevitable. Everyone was complaining you weren’t being the same cool kid as before. Even two of your creators. But you still felt the need to keep on being a asshole. Don’t feel sad for having lost so many users. For a while there, you lead a charming life. Bye, rest in peace, etc.”

    • Rob Williams

      As much as I don’t care for some of the changes that were brought forth over the years, I still preferred Reader over every other solution I could find. Its strength was its simplicity. I could use it on the Web one moment and my mobile the next, and it’d all be in sync, and to top it all off, it’s -fast-. I don’t need pictures with my RSS, I just want the headlines and more info if I happen to click on one. These “tile” readers, I’m not too interested in, but I’ll be testing out a ton of them today.

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