Has OCZ Sold PC Power & Cooling?

Posted on March 10, 2010 7:17 AM by Rob Williams

Earlier this week, a rumor surfaced online that claimed that OCZ Technology was trying to sell PC Power & Cooling, a company that it acquired  three years ago. German tech site Planet 3DNow! yesterday made the rumor even more interesting by coming right out and claiming that OCZ has sold off PCP&C. As of today, OCZ still hasn’t verified the rumor, but its employees on various Web forums have given clear denials.

It’s never wise to believe a rumor just because it exists, but the more I think about this one, the more I believe there is a slight chance it could happen. The biggest argument I’ve seen around the Web about this is that OCZ simply hasn’t done much with the PC Power & Cooling brand, and as it appears on the outside, nothing at all has changed since the acquisition took place. That of course isn’t a bad thing as long as there’s been no drop in revenue, but usually an acquisition takes place when the company has specific ideas of where to take things.

One other small detail that leads me to place this rumor as plausible is that OCZ has officially given up on a couple of its product lines, such as cooling and peripherals. Although products continue to be sold, development has been ceased on future models for either category. With this slimming down of sorts, it’s clear that OCZ has one focus in mind, and that’s memory and storage.

It could also be assumed that if the sale has indeed happened, or if it will, then OCZ would likely also stop manufacturing its own PSU’s. I base this on the fact that there seems to have been a slimming of available models over the course of the past month or so, both on the PCP&C and OCZ side.

Even so, it’s impossible to suggest that the chances of a sale are good, but it’s sure interesting to think about. If the rumor does indeed prove true, it shouldn’t take too long to hear it as fact straight from OCZ, especially after this Planet 3DNow! article suggests that the sale has already taken place.

Update: OCZ’s Executive VP and CMO Alex Mei contacted us to let us know that the rumor of a sale is false, and that all is well with PC Power & Cooling. Alex also mentioned that PCP&C even has a new model en route next month, the Silencer MKII, which is currently wrapping up its final validation. At this point, OCZ is uncertain where the rumor began, but it’s nice to hear that it’s false! Quote from Alex below:

I can confirm that no sale has taken place nor have we even entertained any sort of offer for PC Power. We are still launching the Silencer MKII next month. PC Power has been good for us and even though the OCZ PSU’s are selling better in the consumer channel what a lot of people don’t know is that one of the big reasons we bought PC Power was for the enterprise biz which has been doing very well.

Has OCZ Sold PC Power & Cooling?

According to inside information OCZ Technology will mark the PC Power & Cooling have sold. PC Power & Cooling was incorporated in May 2007 by OCZ to its know-how to use their own power supply sector and to market the products worldwide of successful American company. One reason for this step could be more moderate international success, as the name remained largely unknown outside the United States and the conservative cooling, particularly in Europe has met with poor response.

Source: Planet 3DNow! (Google Translation)

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