IBM + AMD = Intel Killer?

Posted on April 1, 2013 1:00 PM by J.D. Kane

It’s no secret that Intel is the dominant solutions provider in the x86/64-bit microprocessor space. Ever since it jettisoned its Netburst microarchitecture for Conroe, Nehalem, and subsequent generations of the Core CPU families, the company has only increased its market and performance superiority over its only real rival, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).

But could AMD be poised to make the most incredible of comebacks?

IBM and AMD Sitting in a Tree

Techgage has learned from unnamed sources that International Business Machines (IBM), the goliath multinational technology superpower, is looking into ways to get a foot into the PC CPU and mobile device markets. The easiest way to do that, of course, is to absorb an existing company and simply buy itself into the game. Since Intel is definitely not for sale, AMD is the only logical candidate for such a corporate strategy.

The unnamed sources point out that AMD already has a market presence and technological know-how. By taking over AMD, IBM doesn’t have to waste any time or effort securing the all-important licensing considerations for x86 and other like proprietary technologies.

“It’s a win-win for both AMD and IBM,” said Cyrious Legpull, an independent tech analyst. “AMD gets an immediate cash injection and access to IBM’s coffers, which are as deep as the center of the Earth. AMD’s biggest problem from being cash-strapped is that it cannot invest in all-important research and development. IBM, for its part, gets its foot into the door of a very lucrative corporate venture.”

Another analyst, April I. Fuldyu, had this to add: “To make money, you’ve got to spend money. IBM is an acknowledged world leader at both.”

Not surprisingly, nobody at AMD, IBM, nor Intel could be reached for comment.

(This was an April Fools’ joke.)

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