iFixit Cracks Open the Xbox 360 E

Posted on June 14, 2013 8:30 AM by Rob Williams

Well, this sure didn’t take long. Despite the redesigned Xbox 360 (E) being announced only earlier this week at E3, the folks at iFixit have acquired and broken one down. While little hardware changes have been made, the console (in my opinion) looks quite a bit better than the Slim, and according to iFixit, it’s easier to break into and repair, as well. While it might seem a bit unusual for Microsoft to release yet another Xbox 360 with the Xbox One’s release looming, it does give those who get told by Microsoft to just buy a 360 instead of a One the best-built option to date.

Xbox 360 E iFixit

The biggest difference functionality-wise between the E and S consoles is that the E lobs off one of the back USB ports – there are now 2 instead of 3. Apart from that, some oddities arose while iFixit took its console apart. Part of the “X” in the front logo was missing, and inside, one of the screws had been slightly damaged – something you really never expect to see. Apart from that though, the E console looks quite good, and since I’m kind of in the market for a new 360 on account of my last one RRoDing, I’m glad this came out before I bit the bullet.

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