Intel Names Brian Krzanich as the Company’s Sixth CEO, Assumes Role on May 16th

Posted on May 2, 2013 1:19 PM by Rob Williams

This past November, Intel CEO Paul Otellini announced his retirement, with plans for his transition to occur in May. Well, wouldn’t you know it – it’s May, and Intel’s Board of Directors has finally announced Paul’s successor, Brian Krzanich, who was previously the company’s COO. Krzanich will assume the CEO role on May 16th, during the company’s annual stockholders’ meeting.

Otellini’s tenure at Intel reflects one that anyone in the tech industry – or business in general – dream about. He joined Intel in 1974, and as he made his way through the ranks, he took over for Craig Barrett in 2005 as CEO for the company. No company has a perfect history, but Intel’s is one to be admired, and since Otellini took control, the company became the dominant force on the desktop, mobile and server.

Brian Krzanich and Renee James
Intel’s new CEO Brian Krzanich and President Renée James

But, the future will move onward with Brian Krzanich in the captain’s seat. While those on the outside may not be too familiar with him (yet), Intel’s Chairman Andy Bryant has confidence that he’s the right person for the job. He states, “Brian is a strong leader with a passion for technology and deep understanding of the business” and “His track record of execution and strategic leadership, combined with his open-minded approach to problem solving has earned him the respect of employees, customers and partners worldwide. He has the right combination of knowledge, depth and experience to lead the company during this period of rapid technology and industry change.

Since joining Intel in 1982, Krzanich has held a number of technical and leadership roles within the company. To his being welcomed as CEO, Krzanich says, “I am deeply honored by the opportunity to lead Intel – We have amazing assets, tremendous talent, and an unmatched legacy of innovation and execution. I look forward to working with our leadership team and employees worldwide to continue our proud legacy, while moving even faster into ultra-mobility, to lead Intel into the next era.

With the success Intel has experienced with Otellini behind the wheel, it’ll be interesting to see how its 6th CEO will continue that.

On a side note, Intel’s Board of Directors also promoted Renée James to become President of Intel, where she will join Krzanich in the executive office.

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