Intel Issues X25-M G2 Firmware Update

Posted on December 2, 2009 9:45 AM by Rob Williams

In late October, Intel released both a new firmware upgrade and SSD Toolbox, which enabled TRIM support on its G2 X25-M solid-state disks. Due to a data corruption bug, however, the firmware was pulled off its support site within days, and those who didn’t already successfully upgrade to the TRIM-enabled firmware had to wait. Well, that wait is done with, as the company has finally released the fixed version.

If you have an X25-M G2 (34nm), you can grab the firmware update here. If you’ve already updated with the original firmware, it’s still recommended that you upgrade, simply because you don’t want to risk running into the data corruption bug down the road. Although the firmware update isn’t designed to erase data, you should always back up before running it, just in case.

Unfortunately, Intel hasn’t posted an updated version of its SSD Toolbox, and I haven’t heard back on when that might happen. It was also pulled days after being posted, not due to the data corruption bug, but because it ended up clearing out restore points in Windows Vista and 7. For those running 7, TRIM will work automatically, but for those with Vista, you’ll have to wait until Intel re-releases the software in order to take advantage of the command.

Source: Intel X25-M G2 Firmware Update

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