Investment Firm Behind Interceptor Entertainment Acquires 3D Realms

Posted on March 3, 2014 12:56 PM by Rob Williams

Nearly five-years-ago, 3D Realms announced that it had to lay-off the vast majority of its staff, and at that point, its future was very unclear. At first, it seemed like the company would simply shutter; instead, it’s been trucking along with a minimal staff, supporting its existing games and promoting some re-releases. What’s next? Well, with its acquisition in place, we’re not sure, but the future is definitely brighter than it was before.

Danish investment firm, SDN Invest, has acquired Apogee Software, Ltd d/b/a 3D Realms (not to be confused with Apogee Software, LLC – publishers of Rise of the Triad) SDN Invest is part-owner and principal investor in Denmark-based game studio and Rise of the Triad developer, Interceptor Entertainment. Effective immediately, the new CEO of 3D Realms will be Mike Nielsen. Mr. Nielsen also serves as Chairman of the Board at Interceptor.

Interceptor Entertainment has experience with 3D Realms’ portfolio, so it makes complete sense that it’d be the company to acquire it. The team there is responsible for last year’s remake of Rise of the Triad, and have also ported a number of Duke Nukem games to mobile and the PC (I, II, and Manhattan Project). It’s also responsible for a pending remake of Duke Nukem 3D, though its future was cast into doubt a couple of years ago with mixed feelings from its publisher, Gearbox Software.

Rise of the Triad
2013’s Rise of the Triad

Could this mean more Apogee / 3D Realms titles? I sure hope so. For now, you may wish to take a trip through memory laneĀ with an article I published back when 3D Realms announced its major change.

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