ioSafe 214 Dual-bay Disaster-Proof NAS Review

Posted on May 22, 2014 12:00 AM by Techgage Staff

ioSafe has long been building NAS boxes that can take some serious, real-world abuse. We’re talking water submersion, or something even more severe, like a house fire. What could make a solution like that even better? Synology’s DSM software on-board sure doesn’t hurt. With the 214 dual-bay option, that’s just what we’re dealing with.

ioSafe 214 Dual-bay Disaster-Proof NAS Review

In past reviews, we have spoken to the importance of backing up your data more times than I can easily recall. Let’s just call it every single storage related article. In each of them, we mention that hardware failures can happen at any time. While there are usually signs of impending failure, sometimes our gear just suffers a genuine mechanical failure. It occurs more frequently with gear that contains moving parts but from time to time, components such as CPUs and RAM can fail just as easily.

When it comes to our data: our photos, music, resumes, etc… it matters little if something like our CPU fails. As long as the hard drive is intact, we remove it from computer A and connect it to computer B. Assuming we don’t have to fight pesky but vital permissions, access to our data is simply a few clicks away. That being said, how many of you have plans for the inevitable event that your hard drive suffers a mechanical failure? How many of us have plans for a personal disaster such as fire or flood?

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