Keeping to its Promise, Intel Frees the Fee on McAfee Mobile Security Software

Posted on February 24, 2014 3:58 PM by Rob Williams

During Intel’s CES keynote last month, the company announced that it would soon be making its McAfee mobile security software completely free to those who want it, highlighting just how serious it is about protecting our mobile lives. Well, it didn’t take too long for the company to live up to its promise: McAfee Antivirus & Security can now be had for free on both Android and iOS.

With this move, you might be asking yourself, “Do I actually need it?”, and to that, I’ll respond: “Probably not”. A couple of years ago, I considered mobile anti-malware software to be about as useless as anti-malware software has been for Linux, but the fact of the matter is, mobile is bigger than ever, and it’s where many scam-artists or people who simply want to ruin your day are beginning to shift their focus.

McAfee Antivirus and Security - Android - Lock Apps McAfee Antivirus and Security - Android

That being said, I’m of the belief that if you stick to the official app store for your device, and are careful about what you download, the chances of you contracting a virus or other piece of malware is going to be extremely unlikely. Whether it’s smart or not, I’m personally going to wait until the threat becomes so obvious that I can no longer avoid it, as I just don’t like installing extra software that I don’t feel I need. But regardless of my thoughts, if you see things differently, I couldn’t imagine better mobile security software to adopt.

Here’s what McAfee says about the now-free solutions:

McAfee Mobile Security for Android
The free version of Android devices includes enhanced protection features and unlocks security extensions for Intel-based mobile devices, making it the most comprehensive free mobile solution for consumers on the market. It includes anti-theft, anti-virus, app protection, Web protection, and call and SMS filtering.

McAfee Mobile Security for iOS
McAfee Mobile Security for iOS devices is also available for free, and features a number of comprehensive protection options previous available only to Android users. It provides iPhone and iPad users with a secure vault for private content, secure camera, jailbreak detection, backup capabilities, and more.

Want in? Just hit-up the respective app store for your platform, search, install, and enjoy both the freeness and solid protection.

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