Kickstarter for Reading Rainbow Reboot Reaches $1M Goal on First Day

Posted on May 29, 2014 12:30 AM by Rob Williams

For a lot of people, the mere thought of Reading Rainbow, PBS’ famous kids show hosted by LeVar Burton, washes them over with nostalgia. I fall into this camp, although I admit at this point, I remember almost nothing about the show. I just remember sitting in front of the TV each day to watch it, and a couple of other popular shows, like Sesame Street and Big Comfy Couch.

Over the past couple of years, it became clear to me that I wasn’t the only one who was impacted by Reading Rainbow as a kid. Whenever I saw a mention of it around the Web, I never saw anyone say something negative about it – it’s always been overwhelming positive. In fact, in some ways, it seemed like LeVar had become some sort of cult hero.

Well, as it happens, LeVar knew that a reboot of the series could have a huge impact, and so he and his team decided to launch a Kickstarter project yesterday to help make that a reality. In just about half a day, the $1,000,000 goal was reached.

Reading Rainbow Reboot Kickstarter

It’s probably not a major surprise, but the target for this Reading Rainbow reboot isn’t TV. Instead, it’s the Web LeVar’s after – and that especially includes access in the classroom. With the target having been hit, that means over 1,500 classrooms can gain access to Reading Rainbow content. All that in a single day – pretty awesome.

Just because the target has been reached, it doesn’t mean there’s no reason to avoid supporting the Kickstarter. The more money raised, the better the end results will be. Plus, there might be some backer perks you’re interested in. Now, I am not sure if LeVar and his team didn’t expect to hit the $1 million target so quickly, but no stretch goals have been listed. That might change in the coming days.

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