Leaked Photos Show Off Reported PlayStation 4 Controller

Posted on February 15, 2013 2:20 PM by Rob Williams

The controller for Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4 console has garnered a lot of attention lately, but so far, none of it has been based on official information. However, thanks to leaks from two different sources today, it’s safe to say that we know what it’s going to look like. Not surprisingly, the controller retains a similar shape and aesthetic as previous ones, but it appears to have been bulked up slightly. Instead of start and select buttons in the middle, we see a touch panel. There is also a light on the back for what could be ‘Move’ like functionality.

Sony PlayStation 4 DualShock Controller

That change is undoubtedly interesting, but also interesting is the fact that the analog sticks now have divots to improve grip – something I personally would have loved to have seen long ago. Aside from that and the screen, the controller really does seem to be little different than the previous generation – probably a good thing by most fan standards.

These leaks help lead up to what’s expected to be the official PlayStation 4 unveiling on February 20th, so it shouldn’t be much longer before we find out a lot more about what Sony has in store.

  • xOptix78

    Kind of looks a little lack luster when compared to the Wii U controller.

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