LG Shows-off World’s First Smartphone Display @ 2560×1440

Posted on August 21, 2013 11:30 AM by Rob Williams

If 2.1 million pixels on your 5-inch smartphone somehow isn’t enough, then you might want to pay attention to the mobile display LG has just announced. Sporting a resolution of 2560×1440 (aka: the same as current 30-inch and some 27-inch computer displays), this 5.5 screen’s 3.7 million pixels will deliver a ridiculous 538 pixels-per-inch (PPI).

LG 2560x1440 Mobile Display

As someone who’s more than content with 2560×1440 on a 27-inch display, the thought of the same resolution on something that fits into my hand is simply mind-blowing, and I’m really not sure it’s in a good way. Even with my first-gen Nexus 7, I find 1280×720 to be suitable, but wouldn’t complain with 1080p. What LG has here is something 80% beyond that.

Whether it’s needed or not, the technical feat is what makes this truly impressive. The display is 1.21mm thick and will have a minimum bezel of 1.2mm. As if that’s not enough, it will also be very bright, at 430 cd/m2.

So what do you guys think? Cool? Pointless? Drool-worthy? It’s been said that the human eye can’t distinguish anything beyond 300 ppi, so that’s my stance on things.

  • james

    Absolutely cool! But I want some more!

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