Lian Li Shows Off New Desk Chassis Models in Advance of Computex

Posted on May 22, 2014 1:52 PM by Ryan Perry

The press releases are starting to fly as the anticipation ramps up for next month’s Computex in Taipei, and the first that has really caught my eye is an announcement by well-known case manufacturer Lian Li. Building on the news from CeBit earlier this year, the Taiwanese company has dropped additional information on its three new Desk Chassis, the DK-01X, DK-02X, and DKQ1.

For those who don’t know, the Desk Chassis are designed to house an entire system within an aluminum desk, underneath a tempered glass top. The 01X and 02X models will feature a pull out drawer to access the internals, front facing I/O connections on said drawer, an adjustable/removable keyboard tray, the option to install up to three monitor mounts on the back, and a combination storage pocket/headset rack on the side.

Lian Li Desk Chassis DK-01X - Overview

The DK-02X is a dual system chassis meaning it will be support two separate systems. One will handle motherboard form factors up to HPTX, and the other will be strictly mini-ITX. Due to this, the internals differ between the 01X and 02X models, but here’s the gist.

Lian Li Desk Chassis DK-01X - Installed Hardware

Inside both will be support for air coolers up to 180mm tall, or radiators measuring up to 360mm. There will be 10 removable HDD bays on the 01X, 8 bays in the 02X for the smaller system, and 9 bays for the larger one.

Lian Li Desk Chassis DK-02X - Installed Hardware

As far as dimensions go, both the 01X and 02X will stand 805mm, but can be raised up to 835mm. The 01X will measure 900mm wide, and 02X will spread out to 1200mm to accommodate the extra system.

There hasn’t been any information that I could find on the DKQ1 model, but the 01X and 02X models should be available in the US some time in July and available for $989 and $1,189 respectively.

  • Jamie Fletcher

    If only I had the money… and space.

  • xOptix78

    I have the space, but not the money.

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