Linden Labs Acquires Digital Game Platform Desura

Posted on July 12, 2013 12:05 PM by Rob Williams

The hottest news surrounding digital PC game platforms this week is Steam’s just-launched summer sale, but the most notable piece comes to us in the form of an acquisition. Linden Lab, creators of popular sim Second Life, has announced that it’s acquired Desura, a Steam competitor that specializes in indie and mod promotion.


With its acquisition, Linden Lab states that Desura will continue to run uninterrupted, but it doesn’t speak much about what could change about the service down the road. Currently, the company loves what Desura has become, and feels that it is a “great fit” for its ultimate goals. “Our aim is to invest and support the Desura team in making it the most open and developer-friendly platform in the world.

The acquisition terms have not been revealed, nor has the date of its finalization (which leads us to believe that it might be immediate).

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