Logitech Acquires TidyTilt Creator, TT Design Labs

Posted on June 7, 2013 11:40 AM by Rob Williams

Logitech has always been keen on developing stylish products, and with its announced acquisition of start-up TT Design Labs, it’s clear that the company has plans to keep that train going, if not increase its output.

TT Design Labs was born in late 2011 by Zahra Tashakorinia & Derek Tarnow, two people focused on “human-centric” product design. Also in late 2011, the company launched a Kickstarter project for its TidyTilt iPhone kickstand / mount / earbud holder, and despite its simple goal of $10,000, the project reached $220,000 by the time the month was up. Impressive, to say the least.

Logitech TidyTilt

It seems that Logitech thought so, too. With its acquisition, Logitech not only gains the rights to both of TT’s launched products (TidyTilt and JustMount), it’s also gained both Zahra and Derek as in-house designers.

Logitech will work with Derek and Zahra to improve and evolve two of the acquired products, JustMount and TidyTilt+, and launch them to consumers under the Logitech brand.

The company wasted no time in getting both of TT’s products online and for sale – under the Logitech branding, of course. These products are only available as pre-orders at the current time, but it’s expected they’ll ship in just a few weeks.

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