Logitech Releases its 2013 Color Collection, Touts ‘Irresistible Eye Candy’

Posted on May 16, 2013 4:22 PM by Rob Williams

Whenever we talk about Logitech here at Techgage, you can usually expect the topic to be gaming peripherals. When most of our team are avid gamers as well as our audience, that’s of little surprise. But Logitech offers so much more than gaming models; in fact, if you’re in need of a mouse or keyboard, the company is bound to offer something that perfectly suits you.

Logitech Color Collection 2013

What about those who need a bit more color in their life? For those, there’s Logitech’s Color Collection 2013, consisting of T400 Zone Touch and M325 wireless mice. As you can see from the stock image above, color is one thing this line-up has locked-down. The T400s are available in Red Velvet, Midnight Berry, Wild Plum and Fusion Party flavors, while the M325 feature a couple of different scenes; Tweet Tweet, Into the Deep, Lady on Lily and another hit of Fusion Party.

Of the two models, T400 Zone Touch is arguably the more interesting one. Instead of a scroll wheel, it has a simple touch strip that can be used to scroll not only up and down, but left and right (the latter being a feature that a lot of gaming mice tend to ignore). Why would you want to scroll left and right? Think Windows 8.

The T400 Zone Touch carries an SRP of $49.99, while the M325 is $29.99, and both are available now. While their color is their most noticeable feature, the 18-month battery-life might be the most attractive one.

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