Logitech’s K830 Keyboard Aims to Illuminate Your Livingroom Experience

Posted on April 10, 2014 10:00 AM by Rob Williams

We’ve long been a fan of Logitech’s livingroom offerings here at Techgage, what with its cool di Novo keyboards to its feature-packed Harmony remotes. With its just-announced K830, it looks like the company wants to keep us hooked, because it looks fantastic. Its full name is “Illuminated Livingroom Keyboard K830“, and that name explains its claim-to-fame well: It’s completely backlit. The K830 goes a step beyond that, however.

Because battery-life is oh-so-important on a wireless peripheral, Logitech’s designed its K830 to automatically dim its backlight after 5 seconds of inactivity; and, it can also increase or decrease the LED’s intensity based on the room lighting. As you’d expect, the K830 is rechargeable, and Logitech notes that with standard use, it will last up to 10 days on each charge.

Logitech Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard K830

On the right side of the plank is a large touchpad, mouse buttons, and quick-access volume adjustment buttons. The F1 – F10 keys have alternate functions, allowing you to quickly show the desktop, invoke a search tool, launch a Web browser, adjust backlight settings, and more.

The thing that strikes me most about the K830 is its visual appeal – it looks awesome.

Logitech’s K830 will be available in the US and Europe later this month for an SRP of $100.

  • Anonymoused

    Rechargeable or not, 10 days is WAY too short. Nobody needs a backlit keyboard. If you can’t touch type by now, maybe you aren’t the kind of person who needs a wireless keyboard in the living room.

  • Shedly

    Backlight is THE most needed feature in home theatre operations. 10 days is a generous time between charges. Would be nice to have a charging dock.

  • The Focus Elf

    I feel SO dirty — the link to the logitech store took me to this place called Canada. And @Anonymoused – I can touch type but my kids certainly can’t, I can see the value of this in the living room for the whole family for sure.

  • Will Bowen

    The issue in the living room with tech is not usually the person who installed it. It is the rest of the family and their usability. So having a keyboard that someone who might not as comfortable with it be backlit is absolutely a great advance for the media keyboard.

  • msean

    I’d want a trackball instead of a scratch pad.

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