Logitech’s Speakerphone P710e Designed for the Mobile Conference Room, Boasts NFC Pairing

Posted on October 21, 2013 9:00 AM by Rob Williams

For those who might need to transform any room into a conference room at any given time, Logitech has its Mobile Speakerphone 710e. While its ease-of-use is a highlight, one of the P710e’s biggest goals is the ability to deliver professional-sounding audio back and forth. In addition, it’s also designed to be super-flexible.

Most people will likely use the P710e by plugging their phone into the top, but phones can also be paired via Bluetooth (up to 8) and NFC (up to 2). Once plugged-in, the phone will be positioned at the perfect angle for a video conference; likewise, if a tablet is plugged in, you’ll be able to take notes on it while it’s being used to transmit the conference.

Logitech Mobile Speakerphone P710e

One of the best features of the P710e is that it doesn’t require an external power source. Instead, it can hold a charge of up to 15 hours, which assumes a 50% volume (63~67dBA) is used. The speakerphone also happens to be optimized for Microsoft Lync, Cisco products and of course, Skype.

The P710e will become available next month, for $169.99 USD.

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