Looking to Unplug Your Online Accounts? Justdelete.me Can Help

Posted on August 27, 2013 12:00 PM by Rob Williams

Have you had enough of Facebook, Google, eBay, or any other popular online service? Have you finally said “Screw it!” and rushed to find a “Delete Me!” button? If so, then you’re likely aware that deleting yourself from some websites is simple; others, well… it might be easier to train for the Olympics.

The developers behind Justdelete.me (via: TechCrunch) understand the pain that’s caused from having to spend 15 minutes searching around for an option to delete, which might not even exist. So to help, they’ve compiled a mammoth page listing a variety of different services, and a click on any will bring you straight to the page where you can delete your account. Should the process not be so straight-forward, the “Show Info” link underneath will explain what you need to know.


Conveniently, the site grades each service from Easy – Impossible, so that you know what you’re getting yourself into. Did you know that it’s impossible to delete your Craigslist account? How about GoDaddy? Steam? Given money is involved with some accounts, I guess outright deletion not being allowed is kind of understandable – but Craigslist? That’s an unusual restriction.

It’s worth noting that while some sites might allow you to delete your account, “delete” might actually belong in quotes. Some companies just shelve the data for an undetermined amount of time, and others might even be able to restore the account if you ask. As always, if you don’t want your information online, don’t put it there.

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