Lots of Borderlands 2 Goodies En Route: Level Cap Increase, New Vault Hunter, Third Playthrough

Posted on March 25, 2013 9:10 AM by Rob Williams

At this weekend’s PAX East event, Gearbox unveiled a slew of information about upcoming content for Borderlands 2. For starters, the long-awaited level cap boost will be coming on April 2, which makes 61 the new max – however, it’s going to require parting with $5 (or $0 if you own the Season Pass). That same $5 will also re-introduce the ultra-rare Pearlescent item tier from the original game which can drop in level 51+ loot.

Borderlands 2

Once this DLC drops, Gearbox will be issuing a patch that will apply to everyone that introduces an “Ultimate Vault Hunter” mode – in effect, a third playthrough. This playthrough promises to be the most difficult yet, and is surely where the best loot in the game will be found.

Gearbox also used PAX East as the launching-pad for the game’s sixth Vault Hunter. Called Krieg, this Psycho doesn’t mind going hands-on when it comes to killing. His action skill is a Buzz Axe, which can slaughter anyone up close, or at a distance by being thrown. Krieg’s three skill trees include Bloodlust, Mania and Hellborn – the latter of which allows you to deal elemental damage while you’re set on fire. While you’re set on fire.

Like the Mechromancer, Krieg carries a price-tag of $10. It will become available this May.

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