Love In-game Purchases? You’ll Adore Real Racing 3

Posted on April 10, 2013 8:45 AM by Rob Williams

You know what sucks? When a game is awesome… but has ridiculous DLC. It happens all too often, and I admit I’m guilty of loving some of these insufferable games. The worst, arguably, are racing titles. There have been games that have wanted to sell you most cars, upgrades, liveries, tracks and of course the de facto DLC requirement today: boosts. According to Penny Arcade, Real Racing 3 is the latest game to suffer this unfortunate problem.

Interestingly, I heard of this game a couple of weeks ago when SteelSeries released a pair of headphones for it. I found it unusual that someone would purchase a pair of $100 headphones for a $0 game, but with this article, everything is beginning to fall into place. Free? No, not even close.

Real Racing 3 Mobile

Just how bad is the DLC in this game? Allow me to quote Ben from Penny Arcade: “I played about 20 minutes of Real Racing 3 before the consumer-hostile monetization practices made me want to slam my iPad into the wall.” Alright, that’s not a number. I advise you to sit down before you read any further.


And you thought $60 worth of DLC for your game was bad. As with most free-to-play games, Real Racing 3 allows you to earn gear for free with progress, but as expected, you’d probably have to be living in a prison cell in order to deal with that kind of monotony. You know when a game has a $100 option to purchase in-game currency, there’s a problem.

$100 for some digital currency, when a brand-new blockbuster like BioShock Infinite costs $60. That seems a little insane, doesn’t it?

Given the fact this tradition continues, there are obviously some people buying into it.

  • madmatTG

    Ah, it’s an EA game, now it all makes sense.

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