MAINGEAR’s Latest Contest Urges You to Show Off Your Old, Ugly PC

Posted on May 3, 2013 10:00 AM by Rob Williams

Is your PC such an old beater that you’d rather streak naked in public than let it be seen by family and friends? If so, it seems certain that you need a change, and to suck it up and post a picture of that baby for the world to see (the PC, not you streaking). To give you the coaxing you may need, MAINGEAR is offering up an F131 PC that’s minimum in size but maximum in performance to one lucky winner.

The contest, dubbed “Stop Hiding Your PC”, is open to those in the US and Canada (sorry, the rest of the world), and to enter, you need to befriend MAINGEAR on both Facebook and Twitter, submit a photo of your PC with a sign stating, “I want a MAINGEAR PC”, and then submit it through the official form. You can then beg your friends to vote for you, and if they happen to share your entry, they’ll be entered into a separate giveaway for a chance to win a $100 VISA card (one to both a Facebook follower and a Twitter follower).

MAINGEAR Stop Hiding Your PC Contest Thumb

The PC comes equipped with an ASUS Maximus V GENE motherboard, an Intel Core i7-3770, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680, MAINGEAR EPIC 120 liquid cooler, 8GB of Corsair’s DOMINATOR Platinum DDR3-1600 memory, a 500GB hard drive and other sweet components. As mentioned above, you just don’t expect this sort of hardware in such a small PC.

If you don’t happen to win big, you’ll still have a chance to take home a Sennheiser headset, TC-LINK router or Kingston Hyperfan and definitely the humiliation of knowing the world has seen your embarrassing PC. 

  • Joe Sullivan

    My old XP desktop downstairs is kind of ugly. Too bad I got rid of the Win95 Acer.

    • Rob Williams

      Enter! You just never know. MAINGEAR makes some killer PCs.

      • Rob Williams

        Like this one. Tri-SLI Titan, 64GB Corsair DDR3-2133, 8x 128GB SSD in RAID 0…

        • Joe Sullivan

          Holy crap! That’s awesome!

  • JD Kane

    I’ve got two or three old broken customers’ PCs here. Pretty ugly, the whole lot of ’em. I even have one in a beige case… :shudder:

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