Microsoft Needs Your Help: Get Your Friends and Family Away from Windows XP

Posted on February 11, 2014 8:30 AM by Rob Williams

On April 8, Microsoft will be pulling support for Windows XP. Fin… that’s it. No more extensions, and this time, Microsoft’s serious. For those still running XP, this will be a cause for concern, because the general consensus is that if Microsoft will ignore newly discovered bugs, then exploits and attacks could ramp-up. On April 8, you’ll need to make a decision to become vulnerable, or upgrade.

When Microsoft pulls the support cord, Windows XP will be nearly thirteen-years-old. While XP might still be functional for many, in software terms, XP is ancient. Originally, official support was to end in 2009, so as it is, Microsoft has already extended support by a great deal. Still, for those trucking along on XP and not wanting to upgrade, this isn’t a great position to be put in.

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Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re not running XP (a mere 10% of our Windows visitors are), but there’s also a great chance that if you are, you understand all of these forthcoming troubles well. Who might not be aware are family and friends, and if you’re willing to assist, Microsoft would love for you to help spread the word.

With a special page, anyone can easily learn about the cons of sticking with XP, and while that’s all fine and good, the options are not so hot. On one hand, if someone’s PC is not capable of running Windows 8 (or 7, for that matter), it’ll need to be upgraded – and, if it’s running Windows XP, it’s likely more economical to purchase a new PC outright. Not surprisingly, that’s Microsoft’s second suggestion.

Without question, this move by Microsoft is not going to sit well with a lot of people. As someone who appreciates the advantages of the latest OS versions (Windows 7 is quite bullet-proof) and not to mention the fact that we’re talking about a nearly thirteen-year-old OS here, I find it a little hard to hate on Microsoft too much. As mentioned before, it’s already extended the support date substantially, and it certainly never sold any infinite support licenses with the OS.

Still, despite that being the case, this is tough times for XP users.

  • xOptix78

    Just pull the damn plug already!

    Aunt Edna will have to find a new way to email her peach cobbler recipe to the church fellowship group.

    No XP? This must be what the book of Revelations is really about! Bend over and kiss it all goodbye!

  • Corey Naish

    Needs to be done. The users that haven’t upgraded are either stubborn and haven’t tried Win7, or they’re people that aren’t using their machine enough to warrant the upgrade. I’m looking forward to being able to say ‘no’ to people with XP machines at work though.

    • James LaBarre

      You can’t talk about Win7 as an option. Win7 is NO LONGER FOR SALE. The only option on a lot of machines is to move to Linux, since Win8 will not run on them.

      • Corey Naish

        Windows 7 is very much still for sale, I’m not sure where you got the idea that it wasn’t… Tons of vendors still offer Windows 7 OEM with their machines, and last I checked (a week maybe) our supplies still sell retail versions. MS has stopped printing retail copies, but stores like NCIX and Newegg still offer the OEM discs regardless.

        • James LaBarre

          Yeah, at upwards of $200 for the SuperMegaUltimatePremiumProPlus version of Win7, which is the ONLY versions any of these places sell. NO version of MSWindows is worth that kind of money, **especially** since you’d then have to spend a day or two scraping out all the worthless cr(uft) they shoveled into it. No thanks, Linux is far more efficient, and lets you set up a CLEAN system, which Win7 or Win8 will NEVER let you do.

          • Rob Williams

            Newegg’s selling a Windows 7 Home Premium license for $100, and Amazon has Windows 8.1 for $120. Neither are close to $200.

            I like Linux as much as the next guy, but damn you really seem to have a vendetta against Windows.

          • James LaBarre

            Sorry, $50 is the absolute top price I would pay for MSWindows.

          • Rob Williams

            Given the enormous amount of licenses sold, $50 sounds about right for what it should cost. Still, Linux is far off from being a Windows replacement. It’s fine if you’re willing to make sacrifices, but a lot of people are not. With the way gaming is blowing up on the platform, it might not be that way for much longer.

  • JD Kane

    At work, we just barely updated to Win7 at the start of the year. A part of me thought that we might have made the transition just days before the official end of XP’s life.

    Yeah, we’re very smart that way. /sarcasm

  • James LaBarre

    If MS wants people to move off of WinXP to a later MSWin version, then ***MAKE WIN7 AVAILBLE FOR SALE AGAIN***!!!!!!!! There is plenty of perfectly serviceable hardware that Win8.x will not work with (such as anything that doesn’t have PAE/NX). Of course, I am perfectly happy to move all those XP users move to Linux instead.

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