Microsoft Surface 2 – Stepping It Up With LTE

Posted on March 18, 2014 8:30 AM by Tom Roeder

The original Microsoft Surface had bleak sales numbers – okay, we don’t want to insult the term bleak, pitiful sales numbers.  Surface 2 has been selling better than its older sibling, and now that Microsoft is bringing LTE to Surface 2, this is sure to bring Microsoft further into running with the big boys of the tablet world.

Today, Microsoft is launching the Surface 2 with LTE – Only if you’re on AT&T that is.  The tablet will be supporting LTE bands 4, 7, 17 along with UTMS (bands 1, 2 and 5) and of course the trusty old GSM (800/900/1800/ 1900Mhz).  This means that you should be able to use T-Mobile for the Surface 2, but it is not officially supported at this time.


Microsoft is claiming that the LTE model will have the same battery life as the Wi-Fi only model (up to 10 hours), and that it basically weighs the same.  You will still be getting the same 200GB OneDrive storage free for two years on the LTE or Wi-Fi version.

Is this the big thing that Microsoft has been needing to really gain traction in this almost uncrackable market?  Time will tell, but the Surface line does offer some truly unique features.  Personally I am a fan, and I think they are neat devices.  Will the LTE option be enough to sway you one way or another?

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