Microsoft to All Internet Explorer Haters: Stop Trolling and Give Us Another Shot

Posted on November 29, 2012 12:30 PM by Rob Williams

Microsoft is tired of seeing people bash Internet Explorer just for the heck of it, so it’s posted a video to YouTube that draws attention to just how lame the trolling really is. In it, we see an IE-hater who has various propaganda strewn around his room – such as a drawing of a Chrome kid beating up a Firefox kid whilst an IE kid sits aside, and a coffee mug that states “I (TRASH CAN) IE”. Indeed, this isn’t just a troll, this is an anti-IE zealot.

Through the video, we see this IE-hater spread his distaste for the browser around various message boards; YouTube, Facebook and others. “IE SUCKS” reads one comment. “IE SUCKS!!! 4evUR! Srsly!” reads another. A personal favorite of mine, “IE SUCKS!!”.

In an effort to prove that nothing Microsoft could do will change troll-like behavior, throughout the video the company continues to announce realistic and unrealistic upgrades to the browser, such as HTML 6 support and the fact that “IE adopts an island of kittens and donates them to children everywhere!”. Does this IE troll end up giving in? Watch the video to find out.

I admit, I am a little intrigued by Microsoft’s confidence here. I might just have to use IE for a little while as a test, and see how long, if at all, it takes me to come crawling back to Chrome.

  • Stetson Smith

    The would dare say that the majority of my problems with IE have come from the fact that MS tries to push a new format/plugin/feature that the rest of the web either has already long had an answer to, or isn’t really needed. They then make this new format/plugin/feature the only way to do an activity on the web, and then refuse to adopt the usually already existing format/plugin/feature or simply make using it in IE a major PITA.

    While writing this, I forgot if I was talking about IE, or MS products in general.
    DirectX, ActiveX, WIndows Metro (or w/e the f#$% it is now), .docX, Zune, etc.

    • Rob Williams

      My problem with IE has always been the fact that a lot of websites I visit don’t work properly in it. I don’t know whose fault that is, but I don’t really care when the same sites work in Chrome / Firefox just fine.

  • Marfig

    It’s been so long since I used IE, I don’t see me coming back to it unless what I use now becomes as annoying as IE once did.

    That said I’ve seen the hate relationship some people have for IE as just another example of the web mass mentality: a) It must be True! b) Monkey see, monkey do. c) The Daily Outrage Fix.

    a) You do it because you read it somewhere else and so it must be true
    b) It’s trendy to say bad things about IE. So you do it because you want social acceptance.
    c) It feels good to have something to complain about. A fighting cause. So you do it to appease you inner desires.

    • Rob Williams

      Spot-on sir, spot-on. Reddit has taught me all that very well…

  • madmatTG

    I don’t like IE simply because it was too full of holes and exploits. It was less secure than alternative browsers. Granted, that has changed but along the way I got to like my alternative browser. In fact, I actually love it, a bit. IE was too slow to the party with tabs, pop-up blocking and built in spell check. I’d been using the FF browser for a good while when IE got tabs and other features as standard. I can’t see me changing back now, unless Mozilla goes under and Firefox goes completely away.

    Just looked at the video on youtube and the comments are closed… I wonder why that is.

    • Rob Williams

      The comments were closed from the start.

      I agree on the alternative browsers, though I admit that not a single one impresses me too much. I use Chrome because it’s the best of the bunch (for me), but it wouldn’t take much for me to move to another one if there was a compelling enough reason. I have problems with them all.

      • madmatTG

        I just like how FF serves my needs. That and it looks better than IE and isn’t as spartan and utilitarian as Chrome. I actually want buttons for forward, stop, back, DL’s, history, bookmarks and other stuff that I use. I don’t want to have to hunt for stuff. Isn’t it the point of having more and more powerful PC’s to be able to do more and be easier to deal with? If so then why has it suddenly become vogue to strip bells and whistles out of applications? It’s counter intuitive. You may as well go back to IE 6 on windows ’95. At least that’s my take.

        • Marfig

          Alternatively, aren’t computers meant to increase technology literacy, instead of building an idiocracy?

          Easy of use? I don’t know. Don’t like the sound of that. Never did. In my 30 years of personal experience with the chip, easy-of-use has been the excuse for some of the most outrageous decisions.

          That said, I don’t think it has become “vogue to strip bells and whistles”. I argue, quite the opposite! Besides, Chrome has perfectly visible back and forward buttons, as well as refresh and Home. I also have my links visible.

          Truth the matter is we all have reasons for our preferences. Or they wouldn’t be our preferences. I just think as this video illustrates, we really often don’t make an effort to actually rationalize them and prefer instead to go with the irrational taste or distaste for something. Often making a fool our ourselves in the process.

          • madmatTG

            Sorry but if I have to stop to think about what I’m doing when I use a computer then I feel it’s failing me. If I wanted to do it “the hard way” by actually using the stuff between my ears, I wouldn’t NEED the computer to do it for me in the first place. It’s kind of why the GUI was invented in the first place, so that the tedium and time required by entering commands was taken out of the equation. You no longer had to bring anything to the table to use a PC aside from the need to accomplish a task.

            30 years with the chip… when I first got acquainted with computers they were still using punch cards. That’s an age I hope we don’t regress to.

  • Brett Thomas

    IE has not, STILL, come into standards. Once again with HTML5, there are “hacks” that one has to do for an IE browser.

    I don’t care how big you are (or think you are). You will get slammed by the power users when you refuse to adopt standards simply because you’re so big. You will be laughed at by the technorati when you decide that you’ll make a “bold move” like ditch Flash three years after your competition made it obsolete, when the only reason it stayed so popular was to make your product functional. You will not be lauded for finally taking security seriously ten years too late and going overboard on your facelift.

    It’s not being a hater, it’s reality. IE has a long road ahead if it’s going to prove itself worthy of any person “in the know,” and to act like the only reason it’s badmouthed is because we’re all trolls is adding insult to it. People didn’t just start trolling IE for something to whine about, the trolls bitched because the geeks bitched, the geeks bitched cause the programmers AND end users bitched (about totally different reasons).

    MS, get your act together, and understand you won’t get a ticker-tape parade just for releasing one FUNCTIONAL piece after a whole line of utter garbage. You have to earn back trust, you don’t do that by calling everyone who knows well enough not to trust you an idiot or a troll.

    • Marfig

      I couldn’t have said it any better. That’s why I asked you to say it for me :p

  • John Derek Paulin

    Okay regardless of IE’s quality. pretty good video

  • Stetson Smith
  • Silver Moon

    IE is confusing. The others are user friendly. Thus IE sucks.

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