Microsoft’s Latest Internet Explorer Commercial Gets an ‘Honest Version’

Posted on October 8, 2012 8:10 AM by Rob Williams

When this year’s NFL season kicked-off in August, I began seeing a new commercial from Microsoft on a regular basis advertising, of all things, Internet Explorer 9. The reason the commercial caught my eye is due to the simple fact that the music is pretty good – though the dubsteppy sound might not be for everyone. Nonetheless, it’s definitely the sort of commercial Microsoft needs to market something that, to most people, is a pretty bland product. Compared to Apple’s recent onslaught of commercials, Microsoft has done well here.

But of course, Internet Explorer isn’t exactly the browser most users who know a thing or two about their computers ultimately use, and because of the browser’s history, it’ll forever be laughed at. Producers WorldWideInterweb couldn’t let Microsoft’s latest commercial stand on its own, so they went ahead and made an “Honest Version”. You can see it below, and I highly recommend turning the audio up.

It’s highly exaggerated, but still good for a laugh.

Source: YouTube

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