Mionix Avior 7000 and Naos 7000 Review – Same, But Different

Posted on March 12, 2014 12:00 AM by Techgage Staff

Mionix sent us two of its latest mice, the Avior 7000 and the near-identically equipped Naos 7000. They share basically the same design and internal components; the biggest difference is in form factor. As you might imagine, we’re taking a close look at both to try to see how good they stack up to each other, and the competition.

Mionix Avior and Naos 7000 - Overview

You know how some cars may wear different badges and sport slightly different bodywork, but are essentially the same design beneath the metal skin? One memorable example is General Motors’ old “pony car”: The Chevrolet Camaro and the now-dead Pontiac Firebird were near-perfect clones of each other. Another example is the mid-1990s Ford Probe and the Mazda MX-6. Heck, the same thing happens even in the rarefied air that is the supercar market space: The Audi R8 is basically a Lamborghini Gallardo wearing a German business suit over its mechanical bits instead of the Lambo’s Armani.

Well, what’s good for car companies is also good for PC peripheral manufacturers.

Mionix, for one, seems to think so. After all, its Avior 7000 and Naos 7000 – both of which are the co-subjects of this review – are basically the same mouse under the skin except for a couple of details.

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