Mod DB Community Chooses Top 10 Mods of 2012

Posted on January 3, 2013 10:10 AM by Rob Williams

There are at least one billion “top” lists that grace the Web at the end of any given year, but any that involves PC gaming are the quickest to catch my eye. A great example is one posted at Mod DB, a major modding resource that promotes and houses any type of mod at all, be it a total conversion, map pack or something simple like a graphics tweak. 

Unlike so many top lists out there, this one was constructed with community votes, so you can rest assured that the mods actually deserve to be listed right where they are. But there’s more. In order for a mod to make this list, it has to have received more votes this year than last, and have received what’s considered to be a major update during the course of the year. That alone will filter out some of the long-standing mods, helping to keep the list fresh.


Interestingly, Company of Hero mods take up three of the ten available spaces – interesting namely because I didn’t realize the game had such a dedicated community behind it. Perhaps the silliest mod is Brutal Doom, which takes the original two Doom games and its expansions and amplifies the blood, enemy AI and even the volume.

The top two mods should come as a surprise to no one: DayZ and Black Mesa – well-deserved choices, I’d have to say. 

Are there any mods you’ve enjoyed that didn’t make the list?

  • Kayden

    The CoH: Blitzkrieg-Mod is the only reason i play CoH anymore, glad it was up there. In fact there were 3 CoH mods up there, might have to try the other two, hehe.

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