MOGA’s ACE POWER Mobile Controller Boasts Advanced Design, Built-in Battery

Posted on November 20, 2013 5:38 PM by Rob Williams

What are the chances of two products that share identical goals launching on the same day? Well, if you’ve been paying attention to tech anytime lately, you’d probably say “pretty good”. Such is the case today with mobile gamepads. First, Logitech came out of the gate with PowerShell, which we covered earlier. Afterwards, MOGA announced its ACE POWER mobile controller. How does it compare?

Well, for starters, it doesn’t quite adhere to the clean design of Logitech’s PowerShell:

MOGA ACE POWER Controller Mobile

In the earlier look at PowerShell, I mentioned that the design made it look like (and probably feel like) a large SNES gamepad. MOGA’s ACE POWER, on the other hand, is closer in design to modern gamepads, with contours to help it feel more comfortable in your hands. At first glance, I’d imagine that I’d find MOGA’s solution to be a little easier on the hands after long periods, but it’s hard to say without testing both side-by-side.

MOGA’s solution also packs in extra buttons; namely two analog sticks. This might be a little overkill at the current time given a lot of games certainly don’t support so many controls, but that’s the beauty at the same time – this is what I’d like to consider future-proofing.

Like PowerShell, ACE POWER is more than just a gamepad; it packs in a battery to extend the life of the device. The actual size of that battery doesn’t seem to be mentioned anywhere, but I’m assuming it’s going to match or at least come close to the one found in PowerShell.

Overall, both PowerShell and now ACE POWER look like fantastic mobile gaming solutions, and what I hope their release means is that all game developers begin to take gamepads seriously. It’s rather frustrating to load up a new game that should support a gamepad, but doesn’t.

Like the PowerShell, MOGA prices its ACE POWER at $100, and it’s available for purchase right now.

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