More on Today’s SHIELD Announcements: Portable Software Update & Trailers

Posted on July 22, 2014 3:23 PM by Rob Williams

After our in-depth coverage of NVIDIA’s SHIELD Tablet and Controller went live today, the company released a bunch of new information (and trailers) that warrant a follow-up (you guessed it – this is that follow-up!). Right at the top, though, here’s a trio of trailers that aim to get you hyped up about NVIDIA’s new products:

In today’s preview, I mentioned that the release of the SHIELD Tablet and Controller doesn’t affect the SHIELD portable – at all. I’m betting that we’ll see a second-gen model at some point, but for now, NVIDIA will continue to deliver OTAs to the device, updating its features and perhaps even improving its performance in some cases.

In a new post, NVIDIA tips us off to an upcoming update, which will release alongside the SHIELD Tablet on July 29. This update basically brings everything to the portable that the SHIELD Tablet is getting. That includes support for the SHIELD Controller. That might seem like an odd addition for a portable with built-in controller, but it’d be ideal for those (like me) who regularly hook their SHIELD up to a bigger screen. I currently use a NYKO Bluetooth pad for that, and it’s not exactly my cup of tea. If the SHIELD Controller feels anything like the gamepad built into the SHIELD portable, it’ll be a vast improvement.

  • Kayden

    Now I really want one.

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